Display Radioactivity with GAMMA EASY

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At what level does radioactive radiation become dangerous for me?

“Normal”ambient radiation levels in Central Europe are about 0.1 uSv/hr - 0.25uSv/hr.

The law requires authorization for those businesses who add more than 10 mSv per year to the environment, which equals an hourly rate of approx. 1,0 µSv/h.

Is there a warranty on my GAMMA EASY?

A GAMMA EASY warranty coversmanufacturers’ malfunctions for the first 2 years. It does not cover customer damage (e.g. a destroyed sensor) occurring after delivery, even during the warranty time period.

What can I do when my battery is empty?

Please buy a new 9V block battery and slide it in the contacts located in the handle.

What can I do when my GAMMA EASY is defective?

GAMMA EASY is a tightly calculated mass product. Except for a guarantee replacement, repair is not possible due to the unreasonable costs that would apply.

Can I take my GAMMA EASY on an airplane?

You are free to take your GAMMA EASY on an airplane. The x-ray machine will not damage it.

Is there any place where I CAN NOT use my GAMMA EASY?

GAMMA EASY will not function under water. Similar to a cell phone, the circuit will short out.

What if I am not happy with my GAMMA EASY?

Please arrange conditions for return with your vendor.

Can I buy GAMMA EASY directly from the manufacturer?


Does my GAMMA EASY have its own radiation source?


Can I detect contamination in food?

Only when the emission is significantly higher, which is not allowed to occur in Germany.

Measure radioactivity. Be certain.

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