Display Radioactivity with GAMMA EASY

Certainty at home, at work, and on the road

We all know how dangerous it is to be exposed to excessive radiation and its long term effects. If radioactive sources have to be detected and rendered harmless, we need measurement gadgets, especially since we can not see, smell, or feel those sources.

There is real danger, but there is sensation-seeking misinformation, too.

So what is true? For a reasonable price, you can now make sure that there is no significant contamination in your own environment.

Today’s world is a global village. We import and process a lot of materials from countries with a lower level of control or a higher level of radiation. By using a Geiger Counter , we can monitor those materials and make sure they are not contaminated.

Turn uncertainty into certainty. Fast, direct, and easy with GAMMA EASY.

Measure radioactivity. Be certain. 

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