Display Radioactivity with GAMMA EASY

Experience, inspiration, and an “easy” solution

Gamma-Scout GMBH & Co, KG designs, has developed and produced radiation measurement gadgets for many years. Demand has been high and continues to rise.

Requests come from professional institutions as well as from private individuals who “just want to be certain.“

Professionals rely on our product line, GAMMA-SCOUT: Industry, metal trade, hazmat disposers, universities/universities of applied sciences, high schools, pilots, security gates at airports, architects, physicians, hospitals, laboratories, and many more.

Our experience, our technical know how, and the feedback of the clients mentioned above have had a great impact on the development of our new “easier to handle” measurement gadget for gamma radiation.

Measure radiation easily and directly – at home, at work, and on the roead.

GAMMA EASY • A Product of the GAMMA-SCOUT GmbH & Co. KG • Postfach 1346 • 69198 Schriesheim • Germany • info@gamma-easy.com